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Taos Regional Airport Expansion


As you may know, the Taos Municipal Airport is planning an expansion this Fall. A $24 million grant from the feds will allow them to create a new runway for landings occurring when "crosswinds" are prevailing. My understanding is that the final runway alignment was the result of negotiation between the Town, the County and the Pueblo.This expansion has been portrayed in the press as necessary for safety reasons.

Yesterday Terry Thompson and I met with one of the expansion opponents, who was soliciting SNA's support to oppose the expansion. We were both skeptical of the opponents' efforts to the stop the expansion. After seeing a map of the expanded runway and the proposed flight zones, we became concerned. It appearsfrom the map that Stagecoach Hills is blanketed by the approach zone for the new runway.

I don't want to make a bigger issue of this than is necessary, but felt obligated to let you know that we could see / hear additional flights that may result from the expansion and resulting ability for larger planes to land here. I think that the most important piece of information that we don't have is the projected number of flights that the expansion will generate. Are we talking about 4 flights per day or 40?

I believe that there is a study that predated the plan to is at the Town and I plan to peruse it to determine if projected flight numbers are included. I will also try to arrange a meeting with Town Manager Rick Bellis to get some answers to my questions. Apparently, a crosswind runway for safety purposes was not the only agenda item in the Town's request for Federal funds. They also saw economic development possibilities and benefits for an airport with a larger runway that would allow for commercial aircraft activity.

Again, I am not trying to stir the pot or fan the flames of opposition....just trying to get some questions answered so that we can all make informed decisions pro or con. I will report back to the SNA listserve when more information becomes available.

Stay TUNE'd !!

John Durham, President
Stagecoach Neighborhood Association

Update on Fiber Project by Kit Carson Electric Coop (3/29/15)

Just last week one household had their fiber run to the outside of their house. We still haven't heard when the crew will be here in full force to do all the homes that signed up. Remember that you can then choose which internet service provider (ISP) you want to connect from KCEC's box on the outside of your building to your home or business internet system. You can choose Kit Carson, TaosNet or any other local ISP for your internet service provider. The hang up currently is that KCEC says they won't allow other ISPs on the network until the first year of a Beta test is completed.

Go to the following link for contact info -

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Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Information about the monument is available at

Notice to all dog owners in the SNA

We have had a number of dog issues come up in the SNA neighborhood: some large dogs are leashed and aggressive, while others roam free. Some neighborhood dogs wander a bit and don't seem to bother anyone, while some dogs wander and do seem to bother people.

While there are those of us who enjoy these visits, neighborhood control of the dogs would be difficult. The county has dog restriction ordinances, as well as an animal control officer, but owners are responsible for the whereabouts and behavior of their dogs. Besides being aware of these ordinances, dog owners should be respectful of their neighbors. We don't want dogs harassing people or other dogs, nor do we want to endanger the wildlife. Small dogs left to wander may offer coyotes an alternative to rabbit and lizard diets. A couple of loose dogs this spring have been bitten by rattlesnakes, and it's proven expensive to save their lives.

Bottom line: control your pets. Most important, keeping your loved family member from wandering means protecting it from harm and yourself from a possible lawsuit.

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Protecting yourself and your home

Hi Neighbors,
Regarding the break-in in our neighborhood (July, 2010), here are some practical ideas to protect yourselves from intruders at your home----

1. Know your neighbors -- Set up an agreement with a few neighbors to allow you to call them at any time of the day or night if you are feeling threatened. The neighbors should be instructed to call the Sheriff's Department or "911" if this happens, reporting that a possible break-in is occurring. The neighbor should not try to confront the intruder themselves, but wait for the police to arrive. The neighbor should tell the Sheriff's Department that they will meet them at a close entry point to the location of the incident.

2. If you are going to be gone from your home for an extended period of time, ask your neighbors to keep on eye open for intruders.

3. Have the Sheriff's Department's phone numbers handy. They are in the telephone books distributed every year here in Taos, or know you can just call "911" for help.

4. Have a dog (if you can). They will warn you of strange noises around your home.

5. Lock your doors and window at night.

6. Lock your garage, if you have one, especially at night.

7. Be observant, notice your surroundings when your outside, or leaving or getting out of your car, especially at night. Be prepared to fend off an attacker, set off your car alarm. Do anything you can to scare an intruder off, and, if someone trys to force you into your home pretend to faint. Once he gets you inside your house, anything can happen.

8. Install an alarm system in your house. You can quiry the website for wireless alarm systems.
The wireless system that is recommend can be installed in your house for approximately $185.00. It is the Powermax Plus, and is easy to install. Also, order an outside siren for for $18.00 which requires a wire run to the roof, or a wireless siren which is more expensive. If you order the optional smoke alarm for $80, and, hook up to a central station you will save about $250 per year on your homeowners insurance. You could use Watchlight Corp., the cost is $125 per year. They can be reached at 619 442 9595, and are very reliable. If your alarm goes off they will immediately call your home to see if you need help, or if there is no answer, they will call up to four of your neighbors and the local police. The alarm system comes with a remote, similar to your car alarm, and has a panic button which immediately notifies the monitoring company, and sets off the siren. If you have any questions or need advice as to installation you can contact Tony Palma by email

9. Use your alarm system if you install or have one, especially at night.

10. If you are a woman, you might want to attend a self -defense class.

11. Have a can or two of wasp spray available. Keep one by the bed, and one by the door, to use if an intruder is in your house. It is better than pepper spray because it will shoot approximately 20 feet, so, you don't have to be as close to a person when you spray it to be effective. It will temporarilly blind the intruder and give you time to escape or call 911

12, Run----Get away from the scene. Go to a neighbors and call the police. Don't try to confront an intruder yourself.

13. If you purchase a firearm, attend a safety course, and learn how to use it, and under what circumstances you can legally use it. Remember, if you are going to own a gun you have to be able to take someones life. This is not an easy decision to make, and if you hesitate or cannot do it, you will be supplying the intruder with a weapon that he can use on you or someone else. Also, make sure you have a secure place to store it in your home when you are not there, so, it will not be stolen and end up in the hands of a bad guy.

14. If you are attacked try to get a good description of the attacker. Any distinguishing marks scars, tattoo's, height, weight, color of eyes and hair. Anything, that will help the police identify the suspect is good to notice. If possible, try to see how the intruder escapes, on foot, by car, or whatever.

Let's hope we never have to use any of these suggestions but it is always best to be prepared.