Stagecoach Neighborhood Association (SNA)
SNA PO Box 368 EL Prado, NM 87529


The SNA is a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation registered with the State of New Mexico – NMPRC 2184083. The SNA covers Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 as defined in the SNA Land Use Ordinance which can be found here.

Board members work for the SNA on a voluntary basis and are not compensated. SNA funds collected are used to support the vision for the community. Anyone interested in running for the board, please contact any of the board members. It is important to support our community and vision for SNA, and, one way is to serve on the board. Please consider becoming an active member of our board.

The vision for SNA, as stated in the “Vision Statement and Goals” is that of a “rural community which continues to encourage residential and agricultural use of the land with appropriate compatible commercial development. Central to the vision is the conservation of our scenic beauty, rural nature and existing natural resources of the area. We envision constant efforts towards improvement of the safety, security, heath, welfare, peaceful enjoyment, and economic well being of our residents.”
Because of the commitment to our vision for SNA, the board is always presented with interesting issues to address.

The SNA supports a website “” which contains the following:
Calendar, Announcements, Newsletter, Tune Drive RMA, Land Use Ordinance, Permits, Board and Minutes.
Please take some time to look at the various pages. It contains valuable information for all who have interest in what’s going on.

Long Range Infrastructure Committee is looking for ideas for the future of the SNA area. If you are interested in how the SNA is developed in the future, you can join this committee by contacting John Durham, the SNA President.

The Development Standards Advisory Board continues to review architectural plans for new homes and business plans for new businesses before construction begins. This is done to ensure compliance with the SNA Land Use Ordinance and covenants. This committee is chaired by Dan Irion. This board is composed of representatives from each of the SNA zones. For more information click here, or to join, contact

The responsibilities of the
Welcoming Committee are to meet and greet new residents, inform them of the SNA, and convey information to help them in the community. If you wish to help on this committee please contact John Durham.

SNA Dues
SNA dues are voluntary and are $20.00/yr. This money will be used wisely to support efforts to maintain the vision for the community!
All community property owners are members, whether they pay dues or not, so please join in, come to our meetings, and participate in helping to keep our community beautiful. Your past contributions have been deposited in the SNA Checking Account at People’s Bank in Taos, NM. Some of these funds have been used to pay for the annual corporation filing, Escrow for the land settlement of the Tune Pit, postage, copying when needed, etc.

Some of the latest issues that the SNA board has been addressing:

-Development Standards Board – A change in workflow for new building permits was requested March 4, 2010. This request was sent by letter to the Taos County Planning Department. It requested that all requests to build be sent to the SNA and the SNA would route the request to the SNA Development Standards Advisory Board. The Advisory Board would then review it, and, the SNA Board of Directors would approve or deny the request. This has occurred and we are currently using this approach. This avoids potential liability issues for the Advisory Board. Learn more here.

-Land Use Ordinance – The County is currently updating their land use ordinance. Please see the Land Use page for more information.

Future News Letters
If you would like something published in future newsletters, please send an e-mail to
John Durham. Comments are also invited----