Stagecoach Neighborhood Association (SNA)
SNA PO Box 368 EL Prado, NM 87529

The Building Permit Process and the role of the
SNA Development Standards Advisory Board (DSAB)


The current SNA Land Use Regulation Overlay ordinance (2006-8) states:

"1.c. All land use applications, building permit applications and appropriate permit applications applicable to this area as outlined in this section require the Taos County Planning Department to notify the Neighborhood Association by certified mail and enclose a copy of the applicable permit application.
1.d. The Taos County Commission, Planning Commission, Zone Administrator, or County Manager may refer any application to any appropriate agency or official of the United States or its subdivisions, any tribal or pueblo government, or the state of New Mexico for an opinion concerning whether the application should be approved, disapproved, or approved with conditions or modifications.
1.e. The Stagecoach Neighborhood Association (SNA) shall:

1. Form a Development Standards Advisory Board with a representative from each of the five zones.
2. Provide analysis and findings to the Taos County Planning Department or Taos County Commission on any proposed improvements, subdivisions, special use permits or other activities affecting this neighborhood.
3. Provide analysis and findings for each permit application in the Stagecoach area.
4. Respond to all inquiries in 30 calendar days or less."

Once an applicant for a building permit has received approval on their Zoning Clearance, the Taos County Planning Department will notify the applicant to send the following items to the SNA DSAB so that they can be reviewed:

Copy of building permit application
Copy of the covenants attached to the properties Warranty Deed.
Copy of Zoning Clearance approval from the Planning Dept.
Project's site plan
Project's building plans

The above items should be mailed to the SNA Board of Directors:
SNA   Attn: DSAB Review
HCR 74 Box 22263
El Prado NM 87529

If package contains Original documents please send via Certified Mail or arrange for personal delivery to a member of the DSAB. Contact Lois Rodin via email to arrange.

The applicant or property owner should at this time also notify their adjacent property owners so that the adjacent neighbors may review the plans at the scheduled DSAB meeting which will be arranged by DSAB Chairperson Lois Rodin. It is important that neighbors work together as much as possible to work out any issues that the building plan may present to neighbors. In this spirit of cooperation, issues unforseen by a builder can be modified to everyone's benefit.

Once the DSAB review is complete, the review form will be given to the SNA Board of Directors and a Director will sign the form and return it to the Planning Dept. It is then up to the Planning Dept. to insure that the applicant complies with all SNA Land Use Overlay requirements and point out any non-compliance items.

The chairperson of the DSAB is Lois Rodin. Her email is "". The phone number for the Taos County Planning Dept. is 575-737-6446.