Stagecoach Neighborhood Association (SNA)
SNA PO Box 368 EL Prado, NM 87529


Help Maintain Tune Drive

“We all drive on the road so we should all help maintain the road!” --Anonymous

The current annual cost of maintaining Tune Drive exceeds the current total of dues collected at $10/acre. In 1991 when George Tune and a few other people set up the Stagecoach Hills Road Maintenance Agreement (SHRMA), they made no provision for increasing the dues as the years went by and costs increased.

We currently collect about $6,000 per year and that is not sufficient to do maintainance and make improvements to the road. The members of the SHRMA are asking landowners in the Tune Tract who do not have the agreement attached to their deed to voluntarily contribute by paying what they can to help maintain the road that they also use.  If you do contribute to the road maintenance please let us know your contact information so we can get you into our database. Please help keep our database current. Email us your name, mailing address, physical address, email address, and phone number, along with the number of acres you own and any other pertinent data by sending an email to Julie LeBlanc.

Everyone who uses Tune Drive thanks you for voluntarily helping with the costs of roadway upkeep. MANY THANKS!